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Our beautiful collection of bags wouldn’t be anything without the leather they’re made from. A key component from our tassel keyrings to our larger Dahlia totes. We only use premium British and Italian leathers from manufacturers who are ethically focused, providing us with a bi-product which we then handmake into beautiful bags!

There are a number of different leathers that can be used to make everything from jackets to belts and bags. In order to understand the different types of leathers we know it’s important to consider the different steps the animal skins go through before going on sale. This is known as tanning and each skin goes through up to 120 steps before it’s ready to go on sale, a painstaking process that can take up to six weeks!

Once the leather has been through the tanning process, it’s then split into Top Grain and Split leather. Top grain leather takes the entire grain of the hide, beautiful with all the natural imperfections and marks from the animal. Over time this leather will develop a rich patina as it ages and becomes even more beautiful as you use it. This leather is considered the best and highest-quality leather you can buy. Our handbags are made from a combination of leathers however top grain is always our first choice.

How do you get colourful, printed leathers you may ask? Well, the majority of our Ivys and Lily handbags are made using calf leather, which is then printed with exotic finishes. Pig skin can also be treated in this way and shows a strong grain of bristles for a beautiful finish. Finally, Hair on Cow leather is used for our furry handbags where the hair of the cow is left on the skin and either dyed or printed. This is what makes our stunning Leopard, Zebra and Cheetah Ivys and Willows.

At VVA we pride ourselves on using only the best quality leathers for our clients, meaning your handbag will only become more beautiful with age.


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