Autumn Vibes by Karolina Barnes



When it comes to fashion, autumn is the best season to embrace layering. As the temperature drops, we can add many styling elements which help us to express who we are. From small touches to bigger, bolder statement pieces we can explore accessories such as scarves, shoes, jewellery and handbags that will shape the look.

But there is of course another element to play with – and that is colour. From burgundy to rich neutrals contrasted with navy blue or crisp white are all to consider. Why not start with your usual daily uniform and add that touch of autumn vibe.

One of my favourite accessories this season is VVA’s Dahlia in Berry. Some of us can be little bit sceptical about the colour, but I think that it goes with everything. Like found in nature, pair it with orange, red or yellow hues. Alternatively, it’s perfect with pink or neutral tones. Berry is the new black.

That's all for now. See you next month

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