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From our Guest Blogger Sophie Milner - Life does not always have to be Black!

All black, everything black, - it’s been a mantra that the fashion world has adopted to show its affinity with the darkest tone on the spectrum. Black is easy – it’s a colour that goes with absolutely everything (including more black!) and when last minute invitations come calling, or you’re simply running late and haven’t planned an outfit, an all-black outfit has the ability to still look incredibly well put-together and thought out.  Not to mention, it’s universally flattering too.

But it also can fall a little bit flat, and let you fade into the background. So when playing it safe in your clothes, I find it’s always best to elevate your look with accessories. Cue, an electric jolt of colour via The Carlina handbag. Playful and dripping in attitude, this electric yellow Springbok style amps up the drama in any simple black outfit – consider it a much-needed dose of dopamine to your dress sense just in time for Spring! The handbag comes with two pieces - the main handbag tote and then the clever bit is the interchangeable clutch that is on the inside of the handbag ready for when I want to downsize my handbag look.

Carlina handbag VVA

Simplistic jeans are a fashion failsafe, and whilst this incredible waterfall ruffle-tiered top demands attention, it still looks subtle when paired alongside black. With its eye-catching aesthetic, the Carlina is exactly what you need to turn a muted look into something head-turning. When I posted this picture on my Instagram, all comments turned to the bag and how incredible it was, so if it’s good enough to catch everyone’s attention on social, it’ll have more than the desired affect when you’re strutting down the city streets. Look how I have paired with classic black jeans and boots, for a spot on simple weekend look:

sophie milne jeans with boots and carlina

If anything, wearing head-to-to black is one of the best ways to truly showcase a colour-pop accessory. The Carlina is a splash of colour against the perfect blank canvas, highlighting all of the hues and tones. Come the weekend, I’ll be taking the inner clutch bag out so I can let it add some much needed drama to my little black dress!

Carlina Inner Clutch image


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