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Golden Accents

gold dahlia handbag

I must admit. Gold was never my favourite colour. To me, I associated gold with too much glitz. I safely stored it into the over-the-top-attention-seeking-hue box and never touched it. But then something amazing happened. I started using small gold accents and realised that actually gold is a very useful colour when it comes to styling.

Whether it’s a small detail on my newly purchased shoes or a golden thread running through the scarf, I was slowly letting gold into my wardrobe. Of course, with jewellery it’s an obvious choice. If you asked me whether I belong more in the silver or gold camp, I say the latter.  However, metals are different to fabrics,  right?  With fabric it feels more daring, more of a statement.

Take the VVA’s Gold Ivy Pouch for example. It’s small enough to feel too attention- seeking, yet big enough to complete your look and for others to take notice. Every time I go out with it, I get very positive compliments. And, that makes me very happy and therefore more confident.

If you’re like me, try gold accents and see. Let the small golden details in. Maybe injecting this colour into your home first might be a great place to start. Why not try small furniture such as the side table with dipped gold legs (below)? You’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel about it, and yourself!

Here are my favourite subtle golden picks:



golden accent images of handbags

golden vibes with handbags

The Dahlia handbag and our beautiful Lily Mini Crossbody Handbag are all available in our special Xmas offers so do have a look and get yourself your very own Gold Accent.


 Have a great Xmas and New Year filled with golden joy. Until next time


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