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Numba's Handbag Accessory Guide

 dahlia red handbag

Every woman should have a workable handbag they absolutely love and I am here to help you pick handbags you’ll carry forever in the best colours. With the VVA by Sarah Haran sale now on featuring up to 70% of our handbags, now is definitely the time to purchase your New Year handbag.

As I have become older and more knowledgeable, I have realised the importance and value of having a few handbags in different colours to enhance outfits for different occasions. In my experience as a Personal Stylist, most women struggle to use colour or be creative with their work outfits. If your 9-5 wardrobe is looking pretty drab, then try showcasing a little flair using handbags. Whether you are looking for colourful hand-candy or something more pared back, I have everything covered in this edit of my Accessory Guide using VVA by Sarah Haran's hero handbag the Dahlia.

Dahlia handbags are created precisely with the working woman in mind.  Designed with a smart 2 handbags in 1 concept, you can separate the front pocket from the main tote and add a different front pocket Ivy or tassel for a simple style update. 

They are large enough to allow you to carry your essentials without hefting around a giant bag, whilst boasting a classic style. The Dahlia handbag is very versatile. It can easily dressed up for professional work environments, worn casually for day time lunches or used for evening occasions.  All in all, they are a must for the modern, stylish working woman. I own one and it still amazes me how one handbag can do everything you need a handbag to do and also be styled in so many different ways.

Here are my 5 Top Handbag Picks for the Working Woman and How to Wear them:

Dahlia Black Leather Handbag Tote:


image 1 of outfit with dahlia in black


Black is a fantastic neutral colour for a handbag, but instead of styling it with an all black outfit, why not style it with a grey checked skirt and berry coloured top for a polished winter look? A longer length skirt will look more directional and compliment your black bag perfectly.

Dahlia Khaki Leather Tote Handbag


outfit with Khaki dahlia

Khaki is a colour most people don’t think of when it comes to work-wear, however, it can look very professional and creative when paired with the right outfit. Wear with navy trousers, a navy jacket and splashes of orange or red in form of a top.

Dahlia Red Leather Tote Handbag:

outfit with dahlia red handbag


If you have a lot of black in your work wardrobe, a red handbag is the best way to break up the black. Wear your usual black trousers with black boots or courts topped up with a casual top or jumper in any shade of blue.  Your red Dahlia will elevate the simplicity of this outfit into something more creative and stylish.

Dahlia Grey Leather Handbag Tote:

Outfit with grey dahlia handbag tote

Grey is beautiful colour that works perfectly matched with darker and brighter colours. Try wearing with a deep green dress and and red shoes for a sophisticated look.

Dahlia Sand Leather Tote Handbag:

outfit with sand dahlia leather handbag tote


The Beige (Sand) Dahlia handbag is perfect for matching warmer colours. Wear with creams, browns, tan, orange or mustard for for a classy, timeless look.

Whatever colours you choose to see you through season after season, the Dahlia range provides chic, classic style with a playful twist with colours to suit all tastes, styles and daily needs. Making it plain sailing you from season to season - a great investment for the modern woman. Remember the wider the range of handbag colours you have, the more variety of outfits you can create.

Until next time.

Your Personal Stylist,

 numbas signature

Numba Pinkerton.

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