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We all want a wardrobe that we can easily mix and match, full of pieces that can create stylish outfits. The challenge is finding the right pieces to achieve this look. The secret to clever mixing and matching is knowledge and practice. Start with a few pieces at a time and see how many outfits you can create. A few well chosen, versatile pieces can add up to multiple striking outfits.

In this post, we are taking 7 pieces of clothing, including accessories (yes, that makes it a lot harder!), and remixing it to create 7 different outfits. These 7 key pieces will speed up your decision making and create a varied range of looks. Each look is super-flattering and perfect for at least one occasion.

 The 7 Key Pieces

 key pieces for your wardrobe numbered


1    Dark Navy Skinny Jeans- Dark navy jeans will work with any top colour and    make your overall outfit look smarter and more sophisticated.

 2   Fitted Navy Blazer- A smart, textured navy blazer can update your look in seconds to something more sophisticated. This blazer has the power to transform any casual look to ‘smart casual’.

 3   Patterned Shift Dress Containing Plenty of Blue- A silk dress in a modern pattern can easily add interest to your overall look. Blue works well with many other colours and is therefore a perfect colour choice for your patterned dress. Opt for a sleeveless shift dress for more versatility.

 4   True Green Classic V-Neck Long Sleeved Top- Most people will have a long sleeved casual top in black, however, opting for a brighter colour such as forest green will freshen up your overall look and work well with your neutral pieces (navy).

5    Nude Court Shoes- Neutral court shoes will work well for most occasions and work with any colour.

6    Fuchsia Pink Tote Handbag- A tote handbag in fuchsia pink such as the Dahlia Pink Tote Handbag  is your ultimate practical and versatile piece that will add colour, charm and sophistication to your look. This bag will work well with each and every outfit in this collection.

 7   Silver Metallic Trainers- These will offer a unique combination of comfort and style. Perfect for any casual occasion.

So the trick is how to combine all these key elements, so here you go....  

How to Combine Them:

Combining outfits 1 to 4


Outfit 1: Simple and Casual

Add piece 6 and piece 7 to pieces 1 and 4 to create a laidback, casual look, perfect for when you are out and about, shopping, visiting family or dropping the kids off at school.

Outfit 2: Go Anywhere Smart Casual

Add piece 5 and piece 6 to pieces 1, 2 and 4 to create a smart casual look perfect for a catch up with friends or casual Friday at work.

Outfit 3: Feminine and Sassy

Add piece 5 and piece 6 to pieces 1 and 3 to create a feminine look, perfect for a relaxed evening out.

Outfit 4: Smart and Chic

Add piece 6 and piece 7 to pieces 2 and 3 to create a stylish/chic laidback look, perfect for meeting friends or going out shopping.

Outfit 5-7 combination


Outfit 5:  Pretty and Laidback

Add piece 6 and piece 7 to pieces 3 and 4 to create a pretty and laidback look perfect for a summer afternoon.

Outfit 6: Feminine and Sexy

Add piece 5 and piece 6 to piece 3 to create a feminine, sexy look, perfect for a night out in town.

Outfit 7: Smart and Elegant

Add piece 5 and piece 6 to pieces 1, 2 and 3 (Yes! Tuck your dress into your jeans) to create an elegant smart casual look, perfect for a work evening out.

We hope this post gives you some ideas on how to create a stylish mix and match wardrobe with 7 essential pieces that will make a massive difference to your look!

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Numba Pinkerton

Personal Stylist

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