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Summer Style

While the fashion world covet the latest must-have seasonal trends, I’m more about the summer elegance. Featuring some classics but injected with bolder, summery hues, I want to feel great all day rather than sacrifice my look for impractical, barely nothing on outfits.

These days I’m inspired by the Italian coastline, which I visited last year. Not far from Venice its landscape is calming yet full of life and colour. Blue, in any shade and tone, of course dominates the scenery. It creates a sophisticated contrast against the almost white sand.  But there are other colours, which come in the picture.  Soft pastel pink decorates oversized flowerpots and hedges.  Greenery adds comfort and a welcoming feel to outdoor spaces.

This colour palette was my starting point for today’s outfit. Pairing navy blue skirt with a simple white t-shirt creates the base. Then, through accessories, you add your own touch. For a bolder statement I’d go for Ivy Floral VVA’s Pouch. To me, it is a perfect summery accessory reflecting the beautiful gardens  (in full bloom) around us.  Pair it with understated sandals and jewellery so it can stand out and be the hero of the outfit.

For more gentle look, try pairing your base with Lily Baby Pink VVA’s Pouch. It adds another layer of texture and introduces a new colour too. This gives you the freedom to play around with jewellery and other accessories.

And in your home? Why not update your dining room in similar colours with a statement dining chair inspired by exotic summer destinations. This Fernandina  mid-century chair was inspired by an idea of a luxury country house hotel in the cool, green hills of India.

Here are our favourite picks:


summer elegance picks


Hope you enjoyed our Summer picks. Until next time.....

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