The Bolder Tones of Spring

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It’s spring, at last.  I love this time of the year. Who wouldn’t? It’s not only because the days are getting longer and warmer but also because of all its beauty we can find around us. In particular, I’m drawn to the bolder tones of spring and its effortless floral display it offers to please our eyes and all of our senses. Take some inspiration from that, mix in watercolours, layer it with texture and you end up with something truly amazing and stylish, like a piece of art.

Spring Summer Handbags

So no more excuses – it’s time to jazz up your wardrobe and your home with brighter pieces that will lift your mood up. Colours that make you smile, pieces that will fill you with positivity. It doesn’t have to be anything too dramatic or over the top - remember, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference!

All you want to do is to add a touch of freshness and fearless sophistication into your life. One perfect example is updating your Dahlia Tote bag with a silk scarf wrapped around the handle or tied into a bow at the front. Or, how about updating your sofa with slightly over-sized luxurious velvet cushion? For best results, approach accessorising, and Spring colours, with confidence. Now is the time to express who you are. Be bold as the Spring’s bolder tones and you’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel.

Here are few ideas as your starting point:


spring summer mix up

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