True Blue

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Blue is such a versatile colour to wear and style, don’t you think? In colour psychology, blue is known for its calmness, stability and intelligence. If you wear blue to meetings, or work, you may be seen by others as someone who is smart, faithful and confident. It’s a colour in which most of us feel comfortable and probably already have in our wardrobe. So why follow the trends when we already have some amazing pieces to play with?

All we might need is a few key updates to bring it to life. For example, pairing shades of blue with natural tones creates a look that is sophisticated and timeless. You can’t go wrong. I think that adding gold accents through accessories lifts your outfit to another level. So don’t be afraid to experiment and be bolder with your jewellery. You need to create a statement in order to complement the powerful side of blue. It can be an over-sized cocktail ring or a long necklace.

Alternatively, how about accessorising your tote bag such as the Dahlia in Indigo Blue. Adding bolder accessories, such as tassels, to your bag will immediately transform your overall look. Think small changes, big impact!

And, let’s not forget interiors. Updating your living room, bedroom or hallway with tall statement table lamps with blue shades will immediately add another dynamics and an extra layer to your scheme. So simple to do, yet so effective.

Here are some ideas on how to carry the true blue:

     True Blue Image showing interiors and wearing

Hope you enjoyed my views on True Blue. Until next time

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