Winter Colours by Elisa

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The lovely Elisa Zanetti of Nameless Fashion Blog recently featured our racing green Dahlia tote handbag in her blog. Elisa discusses her favourite winter colour palette and how you can create beautiful combinations and creations with fashion this winter. 

Elisa's blog is in Italian so we have translated some of this for you, but please read her full blog, we know you will love it as much as we do!

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If we think of the winter clothing palette it tends to get darker than in spring and summer. But this does not mean there should be and absolute absence of colour, indeed, there are a whole range of winter colours that you can play with.

Winter colours: dark green and burgundy 

Among the winter colours, burgundy is without a doubt my favouriteToday I opted for a big wool sweater, perfect for a cold day. 

Another fascinating winter colour is dark green, the shade of green I chose for my new VVA bag. My desire was in fact to have a bag a little different from the usual, to vary from the classic taupe or black and can add a touch of colour to my outfits (but always staying within the winter colour palette). 

Winter Color: my bag VVA 

VVA is a British brand that produces leather handbags of high quality that combine a chic, modern design with practical and extensive forms. Each VVA bag is therefore perfect for use throughout the day: large enough to be used in the office or for work, but at the same time refined and elegant and therefore also perfect for going out. 

Style, functionality and versatility in one bag! 

The VVA bags also are also customisable! The model Dahlia tote that I have chosen, for example, has a removable front pocket that can be changes (such as inserting a fur version) and thanks to a small chain can also turn into a small clutch. 

I adore this bag for its large but not excessive style, for the timeless design and the convenience of being able to use both the practical shoulder strap that with handles. And of course it is a high quality bag, so super-resistant and perfect for people like me.

What do you think? 


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