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Our stylish handbags provide solutions to aid a busy woman’s day. They can be carried everywhere and with our 2 handbags in 1 concept, you can adapt them so you only need one handbag to meet every situation that life throws at you. No longer will you have to keep changing your handbag to match an outfit or carry a separate handbag to take you from day to night. Facing your day is made easier with a VVA handbag.

“Our handbags are the perfect accessory for your everyday wardrobe, stylish with a sense of fun and fantastic versatility. They really do make life simpler” Sarah Haran, Founder

This is what our customers have told us:

  • “VVA is quality, craftsmanship and durability”
  • “VVA handbags are an essential bag! They look great and are such good quality. 2 handbags in 1 is my favourite bit!”
  • “Amazing quality, VVA products are so well made”
  • “This handbag is great for the working woman, so flexible for your everyday needs”
  • “It’s elegant, business ready and a timeless piece that will never go out of style”
  • “A little bit of practical luxury that you can take wherever you go”
  • “Love that I can move from day to night so easily, best bag ever”

It’s these comments that make VVA stand out from the crowd and continue to ignite our passion for what we do

Designing and making handbags started as a hobby, turning quickly into a passion for me - Sarah Haran, the Founder of VVA. This passion then enabled me to solve a problem I was having when I began to travel extensively in my role as COO in a cloud computing company. Struggling to find a stylish handbag that would take me from day to night and carry all my essentials adequately I decided to design a handbag that would. The result was our hero handbag the Dahlia, a high quality leather tote that can be adapted to suit your personal style or situation. Realising there was a gap in the market for stylish versatile handbags, VVA was born.