Signature Handbags

As a British handbag brand, VVA design versatile handbags that you can adapt to suit your day and use in any situation. Our design philosophy focuses on creating the perfect versatile handbag for your everyday life. Our stylish designs combine high quality leathers with our signature pink interiors giving a timeless but vibrant feel.


pictures of VVA handbags

 Discover our range:

  • Dahlia - our hero handbag and our best seller. This multi functional handbag was our first design inspired by my need to have a handbag that would take me from day to night
  • Poppy - a more relaxed satchel style shoulder handbag that includes the VVA concept of being able to transform your handbag by simply changing the front pocket.
  • Aster - a structured handbag that is designed for both work or play. It has a roomy interior for your technology, work documents, and other daily essentials.
  • Carlinaa handbag with attitude that will certainly turn heads!  The leather is hair on South African Springbok which is extremely unique and has beautiful markings and a wonderful "punk" affect on the front. For your bolder moments.
  • Ivy - a clutch that is the perfect size for day or night and can be used to transform the look of the Dahlia, Poppy or Aster. 
  • Lily - when you need to go hands free our mini cross body pouch handbag is the way to go. Popular across the generations this handbag allows you to easily clip two Lily bags together

Our handmade Signature handbags can all be styled, transformed or worn in a multitude of ways and really are multi-functional and versatile.

All our handbags have the same intelligent interiors in our signature pink suede with leather trimmed pockets. They are well designed so you can hold all your daily essentials in a series of handy pockets and we include a key chain so that you never have to dig about for your keys again! 

Finally, the naming convention for our handbags - they are all named after flowers and trees as I am often inspired by the beauty and colour the nature around me and in my garden.

Please enjoy my handbags

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