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Style Events

Sarah Haran's career took a dramatic change when she decided to exit her Board level position at an AIM listed Cloud Computing Company to pursue her passion for Luxury Handbags. Meet Sarah and learn about her journey from IT to Fashion, learn about personal branding (by Caroline Donaldson from Kynesis) and evaluate your professional style (by Numba Pinkerton of Style Me Flawless).                                                                             

VVA style evening, pictures of the format

Our Inspirational evenings are designed to inspire women and empower them by focussing on the following themes:

Personal Branding: the idea is to get guests to think about their own personal brand and how they would like their brand to be perceived by others and the impact it has upon their own career success. 

Accessorise for Success: the art of accessorising an outfit or style can be a mystery to many women. We cover off how a simple accessory can completely change the look of your outfit

The "Ying and Yang" of Style: using the "Ying and Yang" of style you can dictate how colleagues and peers view you in any situation. Simple styling tips that can benefit how you dress for a day depending on the persona that you wish to project

Journey into the Unknown: learn how Sarah moved from IT to Fashion and her personal journey into the unknown. A story that will inspire you to take a step down a different road.

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If you would like to meet Sarah for an inspirational evening of style then please contact Sarah Haran on  For more details CLICK HERE